Translation and Interpretation provides high-quality translation services. But what does translation mean “scientifically”?

According to, a translation is a conveyance of the meaning of a written text from one language to another. Translations can be grouped into written translations and interpretations. Translation is a complex process which requires academic skills, time, persistence, and, of course, experience. Not only perfect mother tongue skills and interest in innovations but also good foreign language skills and knowledge of culture and customs of that country are necessary. That’s why translation/interpretation is among the most complex professions.

It is often misbelieved that there is just a simple mechanical literal translation between two languages. However, the process of literal translation does not include correct grammar, conveyance of required meaning, and more importantly linguistic features and peculiarities.

Translation is a creative process, because source words often do not have ideal equivalents in target language. A simple task as it seems initially turns into a long-lasting creative idyll even for the most competent translators. Simply try it, copy a longer paragraph in any foreign language and translate it in Google Translate. We are sure that you will face with issues related to grammar, correct cases and even the meaning of target text.

Please see the examples of machine translation and professional translation in the table below.


Source text

Machine translation

Professional translation

Machine translation is rapidly improving and is widely used throughout the world, especially among the speakers of most widely spoken languages (English, German, Spanish, etc.). A statistical machine translation is a quite successful tool, which is based on bilingual translation memories. Since there are not so many Lithuanian translation memories and the language itself is rather complicated, the quality of machine translation into Lithuanian is usually poor.

There are some myths related to translation services. Have you ever heard that a correct translation is the one and only? Unfortunately, not. If a translation is a creative process with the purpose of conveying the meaning from one language to another, 10 translators would provide you different target texts, and it does not mean that any of them is incorrect. Many various synonyms and different structure of sentences can be used without changing the meaning.

Our translation agency provides translation and interpretation:

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We translate texts from many foreign languages and the accuracy of translation is ensured by the fact that our translators have a philological education and that most of them translate into their native language.

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