Translation Bureau

Translation Bureau, why us?

Translation is gaining a more important role in a rapidly globalising world, and the demand of translation services is growing in Lithuania. Cooperation with foreign partners, employment or studies abroad requires documents, contracts or other information, translated in exact and high-quality manner.

The goal of Translation1 is to meet Your expectations by professional and high-quality translation services. We offer professional translation services from/into more than 40 languages. Our translation agency has translators who are highly competent, have philological education and long-term experience as well as specialising in various fields of translation: legal, medical, fiction, education, technical, economic, etc. This ensures accurate translation and high quality, because upon receipt of an order, we look through it carefully and give to the specialist of a particular field. All translations can be approved by the agency or notarial attestation, thus we take responsibility for the translation of an original text. We aim at establishing long-term relationships based on timekeeping, exclusive attentiveness to a customer, and confidence.

Our translation agency is located in Vilnius, but it does not prevent us from working with customers from other cities in Lithuania and abroad. A translation can be ordered by email or sent using courier services.

Did other translation agencies fail to give a satisfying offer? We ensure prompt and pleasant servicing as well as an optimum price-quality ratio! 

If You need a perfect translation, we are ready to help You!